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Nanogen scientists have successfully pioneered a brand new technology designed to improve hair growth. This unique technology is a synthetic copy of your natural Hair Growth Factors, or “Cytokines” as they’re known scientifically, which are signals your body makes naturally to maintain healthy hair growth.

Nanogen creates Hair Growth Factors utilising cutting edge technology, then harnesses them in a line of salon products to give your hair a significant boost – in an entirely natural way.

Expert Dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons alike have been quick to use and recommend Nanogen’s Hair Growth Factor range, and independent ex vivo trials show Nanogen hair growth factors in action, maintaining hair growth over 230% more than the minoxidil control.

Experts are heralding this advancement as the long-awaited ‘next step’ in hair regeneration and retention. Unlike previous breakthroughs, the complex is designed to be as effective on women as it is on men and is subject to international patent protection.

Nanogen CEO Elliot Isaacs commented, “This development is testament to the many years of hard work from a team committed to delivering the very best in hair retention. We’re extremely proud to to be able to help the millions of men and women around the world.”