Hair Fibre Locking Spray
Waterproofing & Adding Natural Shine for Hair Fibres

Hair Fibre Locking Spray secures NANOGEN Fibres in place through rain, sweat, wind and even under water, whilst protecting the hair from UV damage

Size: 100ml (approx. 2 months' supply)

Unit Price: $220.00


1. First apply NANOGEN Hair Fibres
2. Apply 2-4 sprays over the hair fibre areas from about 10cm
3. Add a few more sprays to other areas for natural shine

- Apply around 6-8 sprays from about 8cm for water resistant
- Locking Spray can be easily washed away with shampoo

Product Information

Highlights: Hair Fibre Locking Spray
- Patented Hydroguard formula, further improves the protection from water, sweat and strong wind
- UV protective ingredients
- Can be easily washed away with shampoo
- Passed irritancy test (will not cause skin irritation)
- Made in UK

Product Safety
Every NANOGEN product is dermatologically tested and specifically formulated to be gentle for normal & thinning hair:
- Free of Pore Blocking SLS/SLES
- Free of Paraben Preservatives
- Formaldehyde Donor Free

A professional dermatological test from UK has testified that all NANOGEN products do not cause skin irritation.
NANOGEN Product Safety

Water Resistant Test Video

See How Locking Spray Protects Hair Fibres