NANOGEN Hair Fibres
Adding Hair to Your Own Hair

Ultra-fine 100% pure natural keratin hair fibres that blend seamlessly with your hair, for a thicker, fuller looking head of hair in seconds

Size: 15g (approx. 1 month's supply)

Unit Price: $318.00


1. Make sure your hair is clean and dry
2. Style your hair if needed (try using less styling products)
3. Shake the jar for 8-10 times (increases the charge on fibres)
4. Open the lid and then apply on thinning or needed areas
5. For best results and to waterproof use Fibre Locking Spray

- Always use styling hair spray (if needed) on the last step
- Hair fibres can be easily washed away with shampoo

Product Information

Highlights: NANOGEN Hair Fibres
- A fuller hair appearance in seconds
- 100% pure natural keratin (just like adding hair to your own hair)
- Patented color lock system, fibres will not fade in water
- Patented technique, creating very strong bonding between fibres and hair (up to 400% stronger than competitors)
- Available in 10 colors, widest selection in the market
- Made in UK

NANOGEN Hair Fibre Colors

Adding Hair to Your Own Hair
Made of pure 100% keratin and applied in seconds, NANOGEN Hair Fibres instantly create natural looking and feeling hair density. The tiny hair fibres are shaken on from the special container and bind securely to your hair from the root to the tip, until you wash them out.

Your hair is our first priority, so whilst developing a product with astonishing results, safety still came first. NANOGEN Hair Fibres are natural keratin, just like your hair, so they're no more damaging than the hair on your head. They've also been independently dermatologically tested to prove they're safe to use every day.

Product Safety
Every NANOGEN product is dermatologically tested and specifically formulated to be gentle for normal & thinning hair:
- Free of Pore Blocking SLS/SLES
- Free of Paraben Preservatives
- Formaldehyde Donor Free

A professional dermatological test from UK has testified that all NANOGEN products do not cause skin irritation.
NANOGEN Product Safety

Before & After Photos/Videos
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NANOGEN Hair Fibres - Before & After