NANOGEN Head Office in UKMany years of hair loss research. Internationally Patented Technology. Trust the experts, trust NANOGEN.

NANOGEN is primarily a hair research organisation in UK employing professional pharmacologists, biochemists and cosmetic scientists. Our primary focus is to establish best solutions for our customers to manage thinning hair and to maintain healthy hair growth.

NANOGEN has developed two different product ranges for covering the most important needs from our customers - The NANOGEN Hair Growth Factor Range and The NANOGEN Hair Fibres Range

The NANOGEN Hair Growth Factor Range
The primary focus for NANOGEN is delivering cutting edge technology to their customers. During the last several years, one of the core technologies that our research has been focusing on is Hair Growth Factor, which is now incorporated across the NANOGEN Hair Growth Factor Range.

NANOGEN Hair Growth Factor RangeHair growth is controlled by natural signals produced by your body, called Hair Growth Factors. For some of us, the amounts of these signals change around stressful times or just as we get older. This can lead to slower hair growth, poor condition or thinning hair.

NANOGEN can help. Utilising cutting-edge technology, NANOGEN create Hair Growth Factors identical to your natural ones. Adding extra Hair Growth Factor products to your natural ones will help supporting healthy hair growth.

NANOGEN Hair Growth Factors are purely derived from plants in a unique patented process, so are safe to use without any side effects or allergic reactions. Hair Growth Factors are the future of thinning hair treatment. Get better hair today!

The NANOGEN Hair Fibres Range
NANOGEN Hair Fibres are easy to use and give results instantly. Too good to be true? Watch the real NANOGEN customers from our photo & video collection and see how they create a natural looking full head of hair in seconds. With these results it's no wonder NANOGEN Hair Fibres are used every day on TV and stage. You might recognise some of the stars that trust NANOGEN, but it looks so natural you'd never guess who they were.

NANOGEN Hair Fibre RangeNANOGEN Hair Fibres are pure natural keratin which actually merges with your own hair for perfect results.

NANOGEN Hair Fibres are shaken onto your hair they become electrostatically charged. This charge means that they bind to, and branch off from, your natural hair. Without these charges, the fibres would just fall out onto your scalp. You get amazing hair density because the fibres bind to your hair from root to tip. NANOGEN is not a messy cream or an old-fashioned spray, it's unlike anything you've ever seen before. NANOGEN Hair Fibres merge with your own hair to give you thick, full looking hair even in bright lights. (click here for more photos and videos)

NANOGEN Hair Fibres

NANOGEN Manufacturer and Distributor
Pangaea Laboratories (located in UK) is the manufacturer of the NANOGEN brand, and McGAV International Co. Ltd. is the sole and exclusive distributor for the Hong Kong and Macau market.

For customer service or business enquiries, please contact McGAV International for assistance.

Secrets of NANOGEN
NANOGEN SecretsPatented Hair Growth Factor Formula
Comparing with Minoxidil (commonly used in many hair loss treatments), NANOGEN Hair Growth Factors are greater effective at stimulating hair growth up to 237%.

Hair Growth Factor vs Minoxidil

Patented Nano Hair Fibres Technology
NANOGEN Hair Fibres bond to our hair by having a strong electrostatic charge, which makes every hair becomes coated with fibres and creates a higher hair density appearance in seconds.

NANOGEN Hair Fibres Microscope Photo

Patented Hydroguard Formula
NANOGEN Fibre Locking Spray can secure over 90% of fibres even underwater.

Product Safety
Every NANOGEN product is dermatologically tested and specifically formulated to be gentle for normal & thinning hair:
- Free of Pore Blocking SLS/SLES
- Free of Paraben Preservatives
- Formaldehyde Donor Free
- Suitable for Minoxidil users

A professional dermatological test from UK has testified that all NANOGEN products do not cause skin irritation.
NANOGEN Product Safety


NANOGEN 4 Step Protocol
The NANOGEN approach to thinning hair is based on a simple 4 step protocol. The 4 steps highlight the most important aims of men and women with thinning hair.

NANOGEN researchers have found that the best hair retention results are gained when using a complete approach to cover all aspects of hair health.

However, you may only want to use certain parts of the protocol to fit your needs, if so you can also use the protocol to establish which products will suit your individual goals.

Step 1: Cleanse & Prepare
NANOGEN - Step 1Highlights: NANOGEN Thickening Treatment Shampoo
- Patented NANOGEN Hair Growth Factors Level: Normal
- Specific formula for Men and Women
- Thicken hair from the first wash
- Refreshing deep cleansing formula
- Dermatologically tested for sensitive scalps
- Suitable for young users who want to maintain healthy hair growth
- Made in UK

Step 2: Stabilize & Thicken
NANOGEN - Step 2Highlights: NANOGEN Thickening Treatment Conditioner
- Patented NANOGEN Hair Growth Factors Level: Normal
- Specific formula for Men and Women
- Adds weightless volume to hair
- Moisturizes and restores natural shine
- Non-coating conditioner, safe to touch scalp
- Dermatologically tested for sensitive scalps
- Suitable for young users who want to maintain healthy hair growth
- Made in UK

Step 3: Stimulate & Restore
NANOGEN - Step 3Highlights: NANOGEN Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum
- Patented NANOGEN Hair Growth Factors Level: Highest
- Specific formula for Men and Women
- Effective hair growth support
- Restoring healthy hair growth cycle
- Reducing hair loss, increasing hair density and improving hair condition
- Made in UK

Step 4: Conceal & Style
NANOGEN - Step 4Highlights: NANOGEN Hair Fibres
- A fuller hair appearance in seconds
- 100% pure natural keratin (just like adding hair to your own hair)
- Patented color lock system, fibres will not fade in water
- Patented technique, creating very strong bonding between fibres and hair (up to 400% stronger than competitors)
- Available in 10 colors, widest selection in the market
- Made in UK

Highlights: NANOGEN Hair Fibre Locking Spray
- Patented Hydroguard formula, further improves the protection from water, sweat and strong wind
- UV protective ingredients
- Can be easily washed away with shampoo
- Passed irritancy test (will not cause skin irritation)
- Made in UK