男士, 年齡組別: 35-44
Fantastic-buy it-you won’t look back

[產品:頭髮納米纖維] I have spent a lot of money on products that claimed to help but did not deliver and so I was wary of buying this product and so I only purchased one bottle to test the water.

What a revelation! if only I had tried this ages ago and saved myself the stress and embarrassment which was always made worse by rain, wind or even getting hot. I have thinning at the front of my hair , my natural colour is dark and the thinning seems more apparent on someone with dark hair, There are times when I have caught sight of myself in a shop window and cringed at the reflection of my thinning hair.

男士, 年齡組別: 25-34
Excellent, good value and works a treat!

[產品:頭髮納米纖維] I tried a bottle just to see if the claims made about this produce were true and, having asked my friends and family for their opinions, straightaway ordered a few more bottles! Truly excellent. Once you pat the fibres into your hair, no-one can tell that you have anything other than a full head of hair. One friend was convinced I had splashed out on a hair transplant! Very impressed and I would certainly recommend Nanogen to a friend. if in doubt, give it a try.

女士, 年齡組別: 45-54
Don’t hesitate to buy

[產品:頭髮納米纖維] since my hair became thinner post menopause i have tried other thickening products in the past with very little success so i just tried a bottle of nanogen fibres out of curiosity. am i glad i did! they are fantastic, easy to use and very unmessy. i ordered more bottles straightaway and also the locking spray and will continue to use these products.

Don’t hesitate to buy, they are great products which work!

男士, 年齡組別: 25-34
So thankful these exist!

[產品:頭髮納米纖維] My hair started thinning in my mid/late twenties, and i’d get a few jokey comments from other people, and id even make jokes about it myself. But really it caused a lot of anxiety and unhappiness, and constant hair monitoring in the mirror. Since discovering the fibres, i feel like i can get on with my day without constantly worrying my scalp is visible through my hair! It’s like it has bought me time – as id get trapped in the mirror scrutinising and worrying. Once i’m ‘sprinkled-up’ i just go about my day, and the anxiety and mirror-monitoring has gone – i’m really thankful to have been rescued from that trap by these fibres. I’ve used them for a few years now so they are a normal part of my day – i don’t even think about it now. I also feel like i’ve extended my youth well beyond what id feel if i hadn’t discovered them – i’d look and feel older now without them. One day i’ll probably go bald, but it doesn’t seem so bad now, my hair still looks much thicker at the moment, and i’m not obsessing over it. The fibres themselves blend brilliantly and stay fixed really well – its like magic. You can’t notice them once you become an expert at application, even with real scrutiny. The delivery, customer service, and regular special offers from Nanogen are also really impressive. I couldn’t be happier with the service, and am actually very thankful. Thanks!

女士, 年齡組別: 25歲或以下

[產品:女士洗頭水] I felt I needed to explain how thrilled I am with your thickening shampoo! I’m 23 and for the past few months my hair has become very thin which has lowered my self confidence, I always had my hair up so I couldn’t see how thin it was getting. I found your product and have only used it 4 times and the change is unbelievable, I don’t have to back comb my hair to cover my scalp and I can wear my hair down all the time!

Thanks for the great product and the boost to my confidence, can’t wait to order the rest of your products

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