Mr I.L (UK Customer)
男士, 年齡組別: 25-34
Your product gives people like me much more confidence

I am writing to tell you that I think your product is a marvel and gives people like me much more confidence to go out and have a normal life again without worrying about my hair. I could not do without it now, so I will be a regular customer from now on. Thanks for being there for so many of us.

Mr P.H. (UK Customer)
男士, 年齡組別: 25-34
Thank you

Thank you for sending me Nanogen. Keep up the good work and thank you for taking such a life changing problem as thinning hair seriously. It’s good to know you’re out there trying to find solutions.

Mrs J.W. (UK Customer)
女士, 年齡組別: 35-44
The most amazing product!

I have to congratulate you on the most amazing product I have seen to help disguise hair loss. I had never heard of the product or seen it anywhere until I stumbled across it while searching the internet. I have had this problem for 2 years and have been to visit specialists only to be told there is nothing much that can be done. I do not want to take drugs or use lotions in any shape or form so I have been looking for a ‘disguise’. Your product is PERFECT. I have so much more confidence, no more avoiding standing under lights! Suddenly everyone has stopped looking at my lack of hair – they think it has started thickening up! I LOVE IT.

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