男士, 年齡組別: 35-44
Very effective

[產品:頭髮納米纖維] Very effective hair thickening product – much better than I expected

女士, 年齡組別: 25-34
Love it!!

[產品:女士護髮素] I have only been using it for 2 days now and I love it!!

女士, 年齡組別: 25-34
So Far so Good

[產品:女士洗頭水] I have only used the product for 2 days and I already see a difference!!! Excellent so far!!!

男士, 年齡組別: 25-34

[產品:男士洗頭水] I’m please with your products because they work. These words summarize my satisfaction of using the Nanogen thickening treatment shampoo and the other products that I had bought. “NANOGEN products do every but talk”

女士, 年齡組別: 35-44

[產品:頭髮納米纖維] I have been using hairfibers more than 3 years now and can not imagine my life without them. Let me just say WOW! The biggest difference for me is the way they blend with my hair and how unrecognisable they look in my hair when i use them. Let me tell you something about my journey , being a young female , in my mid 30 now, I used to tie up my hair in a ponytail a lot when i was in my twenties. Due to that i suffered a huge hairline loss and being a female this issue is more than traumatic itself, there were days i just cried myself to sleep because i was freaking out. Not only i lost hair from the sides , i did loose hair also from the front area. There was no possible way for me to cover it pulling my hear this or that direction because i simply had no hair. Sad I know! Back then I had never heard about hair fibers until I was recommended one at a hair salon where i received a treatment for my scalp and my problem. I couldn’t believe it how big of a difference hair fibers can make, till today I remember this moment how it made me feel. I was so happy , so happy , I felt I have won a lottery ! Nanogen really changed my life. This blue jar is my love , if I could choose one beauty product to use – this is it , that’s how much i love Nanogen hair fibers. Truth to be told none will ever understand the struggle when it comes to hair loss, beside those who face this problem day by day right now – you guys know what i am talking about. But we don’t have to worry nor freak out any more because we have Nanogen. Nanogen hair fibers have given me back my confidence, i can feel happy again, i can smile, i don’t have to hide , i can be me again . Thank you Nanogen!

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