女士, 年齡組別: 25-34

[產品:女士洗頭水] I have never written a review before but I felt I needed to add my views of this fantastic product. I bought the shampoo and conditioner and what a difference they have made from the very first wash. My hair looked instantly thicker and no more scalp showing! My confidence has returned and I am so happy I tried these products. Well worth the money.

男士, 年齡組別: 25-34
Locking locking locking

[產品:納米纖維鎖定噴霧] Excellent product, it really locks Nanogen Fibres, don’t spray too many times as it really gets hard so with 4 sprays for all top head you are more than ok.

女士, 年齡組別: 25-34

[產品:女士修護精華液] I can only say it keeps its promise! I used to have beautiful, long hair but since I’ve been pregnant my hair has become thinner and thinner. I have started using the serum a couple of months ago and now my hair starts growing again. I have also started using nanogen shampoo and conditioner.

女士, 年齡組別: 35-44
does what it says

[產品:女士護髮素] I have suffered with thinning / falling hair on and off for the last ten years, over those years i have tried almost every lotion, potion and magic pill that ever been brought to market with little to no results. After becoming pregnant my hair was worse than ever, i didn’t expect to get results but as a last ditch effort i decided to try the nanogen range.The conditioner feels very light and a little goes a long way. Because of its light feel i was concerned my hair may become dry over time as i straighten it almost every day but that was not the case and my hair has been left looking and feeling healthier than ever. After a month of daily use together with the nanogen shampoo and serum im noticing there are only a few hairs falling out during bathing / styling and I’m feeling much less self conscious about my hair. I would recommend that anyone suffering a similar kind of problem try nanogen it really has worked for me!

男士, 年齡組別: 35-44
Thickening Treatment

[產品:男士護髮素] Brilliant. I have been using this product for seven weeks and, already the improvement is noticable

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