男士, 年齡組別: 25-34
Great Product!

[產品:男士修護精華液] A Bit Expensive, But Nonetheless A Great Product. Provides An Instant Cooling Effect On The Scalp. Would Recommend Alongside The Rest Of The Nanogen Range.

女士, 年齡組別: 35-44
Great results from day one

[產品:女士洗頭水] I have suffered from alopecia areata for around 4 years. As well as losing much of my body hair, my previously thick, even frizzy hair, has thinned considerably. Whilst I don’t suffer from large bald patches, my hair had become very thin with visible scalp in some areas. My hair was also fragile and I would lose clumps when washing my hair in the shower. I have tried other thickening shampoo’s but Nanogen is the first product that I would say has changed the way my hair looks and feels. I have been using the thickening shampoo, conditioner and scalp serum for about 2 weeks and from day 1 I felt it changed the texture of my hair. It felt and looked thicker. I also experience far less hair coming out when it’s washed and disappearing down the plug hole, so in that respect I am losing less hair and it seems stronger. The serum goes on dry and does not feel greasy on the scalp, weigh hair down or make it limp at the roots. I have also recommended it to friends. I would also like to say I contacted Nanogen to say how impressed I have been with this product, before writing this review.

女士, 年齡組別: 25-34
Hair Thickening Shampoo

[產品:女士洗頭水] I have only recently started to use this product but find my hair looks and feels thicker, it also looks glossy and feels soft to the touch, I use it every time I wash my hair and definitely recommend it.

女士, 年齡組別: 35-44
Excellent product EXCELLENT customer service

[產品:女士修護精華液] I live and swear by my nanogen products. I use both the thickening shampoo and conditioner (of which worked for me from the first time I used them), the hair fibres, and the serum. (All of which are a staple of my daily getting ready regime-now and will be for the future) The fibres in particular are a MUST for me. They are so simple and instant. Thank you so much!! I really would be lost without these products. Every single day!!!

女士, 年齡組別: 35-44

[產品:女士洗頭水] Nanogen Thickening Treatment Shampoo is absolutely brilliant… it really makes my hair look thicker and it’s good value for money.

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